Meet The Datska’s

San Diego is the city where summer almost never ends, which is why the Datska family decided to turn Alex’s fall work trip into a family beach vacation. With their two little girls in hand, I met this lovely couple at their waterfront hotel. We climbed the stairs down to the sand and slowly made our way towards the pier. And despite the fact that all of the local surfers had full wetsuits on, this family was delighted to be playing along the shoreline and wandering into the water as I snapped away at their joyful faces.

Datska Family-3900Datska Family-4054Datska Family-3982Datska Family-4067  Datska Family-3889Datska Family-4163Datska Family-4425Datska Family-3933  Datska Family-3940Datska Family-4083Datska Family-3919Datska Family-4024Datska Family-4188  Datska Family-4260Datska Family-4179-2Datska Family-4295-2  Datska Family-4302Datska Family-4336Datska Family-4342


Meet The Lombard’s

Mrs. Susan Lombard contacted me through Facebook a couple months ago. Her husband had plans to come to San Diego for a work conference and she was going to bring the kids along. They were spending one night at the Hotel Del and asked if I could photograph their family during their stay.

She wrote to me: “What really drew you to me was your beautiful photographs and the fact that you work with orphans. My husband and I have one biological son who is 19 and we have another son that is 3 1/2 and a daughter that will be 2 soon that we adopted through foster care. We have had both of them since birth. If my 19 year old son is able to travel with us, I would like to do our first photo shoot as a family on that day if you have it available.”

Although their oldest son was not able to join us, we were able to photograph and celebrate the babies of their family. This was especially exciting because Shiloh’s adoption just became final in March and these photos are the first to capture that momentous occasion.

So congratulations to the Lombard family on the official adoption of their baby girl, and Happy Mother’s Day Susan!  Your capacity for love is what being a mom is all about, and I am so honored to have been chosen to photograph your babies.


Lombard-6464Lombard-6281  Lombard-6293Lombard-6185Lombard-6233Lombard-6308  Lombard-6272Lombard-6388  Lombard-6390Lombard-6396Lombard-6314Lombard-6286  Lombard-6336Lombard-6447  Lombard-6419Lombard-6424Lombard-6491  Lombard-6493Lombard-6404  Lombard-6449Lombard-6453Lombard-6350Lombard-6498Lombard-6254

Back On The Road!

It has been a hectic semester packed with the hardest classes of my college career yet, an incredibly time-consuming internship, my part-time photography job, five on-campus organizations, traveling back and forth across the globe, and trying to find brief moments to enjoy the company of my friends and family. But I’m not complaining… these are very privileged problems to have. Too bad there was ZERO time for blogging!

Heathrow LayoverBut that is about to change! Tonight I catch a plane to begin my summer adventures. Up on the agenda: four weeks in Madrid, six weeks in London for an internship at a digital marketing agency, back to Madrid for a few days, and then three weeks vacationing in Portugal with my boyfriend. I am so excited to have some time to be completely selfish and take care of me! I am going to brush the dust off my travel camera, work out, try new recipes… and blog about all of it!

Like always, this blog will remain a random of collection of just about anything. It’s called Just Another Nobody Writing About Their Life for a reason! These posts reflect all the different parts of me and my life… And I am continuously amazed and grateful for those of you who take the time out of your amazing lives to read, like, and comment!

So get ready… the journey is about to begin!