Senior Sessions: Tessa

When Tessa asked me if I would be willing to take her graduation photos, I was excited and instantly said yes. Tessa and I met through Rotaract when we were both students at SDSU. Rotaract is only one of the many organizations this brilliant and inspiring young woman is a part of – on top of being a math major and being able to rattle off details about number theory that would make most people’s head spin, she is an SDSU ambassador, and tutors student athletes.

This actually wasn’t going to be the first time I had the opportunity to take Tessa’s photo. Last year when Tessa was elected to be Rotaract’s Vice President of Service, I took her executive portrait. This time though, we got to take more than just one headshot. While gloomy skies and a rain forecast threatened above us, we raced all over campus in order to capture the perfect portrait.

And perhaps this won’t be the last time I take Tessa’s photo – she’s off to graduate school in the fall. But for now, here we celebrate her undergraduate accomplishments. Congratulations Tessa!!

TY Grad-2720TY Grad-2887  TY Grad-2816TY Grad-2676  TY Grad-2644TY Grad-2673TY Grad-2776  TY Grad-2729TY Grad-2801TY Grad-2814  TY Grad-2744TY Grad-2864TY Grad-2678  TY Grad-2701TY Grad-2684TY Grad-2715  TY Grad-2793


Throwback Thursday: A Day In Oxford

It’s been almost two weeks since two of my fellow travelers and I hopped on a bus to Oxford for a quick day trip. Part of my delay in blogging about the adventure is due to the fact that I packed the wrong camera lens with me during my hectic attempt to stuff everything I needed for three months in Europe all into one bag way back in May. I have my little f/1.8 50mm lens which is what I use for food photography and is awesome… but not ideal for travel due to zero versatility as it’s a prime lens. Ok, enough techy camera details. Moral of the story is I was bouncing between my iPhone and camera, all while trying to not spill tea on myself or my various equipment (there were multiple close calls). But I’ve finally uploaded all the photos and sorted through everything. This is the result:

Oxford 1  Oxford-5628Oxford 12  Oxford 11Oxford 2Oxford 23  Oxford 14  Oxford 10Oxford 8  Oxford 24Oxford 13  Oxford 22Oxford-5647  Oxford-5665  Oxford 9Oxford 19ccOxford 21Oxford 3Oxford-5652  Oxford-5658Oxford 7Oxford-5645  Oxford 6Oxford 17  Oxford 15Oxford 16  Oxford-5632Oxford-5637  Oxford 18Oxford-5639  Oxford-5636Oxford 4

We had an incredible trip despite multiple main attractions being closed and getting caught in a downpour. Oxford is a charming, tiny town with endless history, gorgeous architecture, and home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world. And there was a gluten free crepe cart! (Is it terrible that was just as memorable as the university tour?)

Some Oxford fun facts:
– Oxford University is the oldest university of the English speaking world
– The city is the birthplace of the Oxford English Dictionary and is where the recent debate to add “twerk” as an official word was located (unfortunately, it’s now a permanent part of the English language)
– The university was established by monks, for monks and subjects besides theology were introduced relatively recently
Oxford 5– From 1878 through the 1920’s women were allowed to study at Oxford, but they were only allowed to be part-time students which meant they didn’t take exams (awesome) but also never received a degree (not cool)
– The Oxford dining hall was the inspiration for Harry Potter
Blackwell is the largest book store in the UK and has over 5 miles worth of shelving and a basement that runs under multiple buildings in the city

If you find yourself in London for an extended period of time, be sure to schedule in a day trip to Oxford! But, an insider tip: book the Bodleian Library in advance – space is VERY limited and is almost impossible to score a spot same-day! We unfortunately missed it! Maybe I’ll go back one day…