High Tea: A Very English Afternoon

What would a summer in London be without a proper afternoon high tea? Incomplete, that’s what. So when it came to my attention that there was a popular tea room and bakery that served up a cake stand filled with gluten free goodies, I was sold! Enter Bake-a-boo, a darling destination tucked away in West Hampstead. With about 20 brews to choose from, I took advantage of the endless tea by ordering first a pot of vanilla and then a pot of almond, both of which were delicious!

IMG_6389And of course there were the treats! I started by nibbling on the finger sandwiches before digging into the scones. I layered on the cream and jam quite generously… to the point of needing to take a break before diving into the cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries. Laura and I killed some time by chatting and sipping on tea… but it didn’t last long because the blueberry and vanilla cupcake was calling screaming my name. As were the chocolate covered strawberries immediately after. But that’s where I had to admit defeat. I couldn’t stomach the last raspberry cupcake, so that will have to be my dessert with lunch tomorrow!

Bake-a-boo is the perfect place for anyone looking for an amazing afternoon tea, but especially fantastic for those of us with food sensitivities! In addition to their gluten free spread, they have a dairy free and sugar free option! And the entire café is adorable… right down to the bathroom adorned with a wall collage of hilarious and clever canvases. Ok, all of this reminiscing is making me crave that last cupcake. Maybe it won’t last until lunch tomorrow after all…

IMG_6382  IMG_6383IMG_6387  IMG_6388IMG_6390  IMG_6392IMG_6386  IMG_6391IMG_6394IMG_6393  IMG_6384  IMG_6395


Afternoon Tea

NC11-9591Nestled in Biltmore Village near Asheville, North Carolina, is a little place called Chelsea’s. Afternoon tea is their specialty. The small room is filled with petite vintage tables and chairs. A blonde woman with an accent hands you a one page menu. There are about 200 tea choices crammed onto the page and 2 food choices squished up at the top right hand corner: a tower of little cakes, cookies, and other pastries or a fruit and cheese platter. The atmosphere is soothing and is the perfect place to meet up with friends or catch up with family as I did. And if you one day have the chance to stop in for afternoon tea, don’t forget to wander through the store that surrounds the tea room. You will find tons of little trinkets – everything from plates and tea cups (that makes sense) to stuffed animals and pill containers (not sure how those have to do with tea). This tea room is definitely worth a visit!