Senior Sessions: Mallory

Mallory recently graduated from Arizona State University with a marketing degree. She has been spending the past few months in San Diego and she and I met just before she packs up once again, this time to New York City! Before she starts the next exciting chapter of her life, Mallory and I met at Presidio Park – this is one of San Diego’s best kept photography secrets. Nestled right above Old Town sits a beautiful building that has a similar style to Balboa Park, except that it’s almost always deserted. While Balboa Park is beautiful, it’s hard to dodge the tourists and art enthusiasts during a portrait session, which is why Presidio Park is the perfect alternative! Take a look at  Mallory’s senior session here:

Mallory-0077  Mallory-0085Mallory-0089Mallory-0102  Mallory-0110Mallory-0151  Mallory-0118Mallory-0155-2Mallory-0122  Mallory-0164Mallory-0125  Mallory-0172Mallory-0205  Mallory-0198


Senior Sessions: Julia

“They grow up so fast.” That’s what everyone says about kids. And as the kiddos I grew up babysitting become adults and head off to college, I can’t help but agree. Julia was one of the little ones I grew up riding horses with. I spent my high school years shuttling her from school, to the barn, and back home. I spent weekends ordering in pizza at her house and watching movies or playing dress up with her while her parents were out. And today, she graduates from high school. And in a few months, she’ll pack up for college. So yeah, they grow up so fast. But this is also just the beginning, and I can’t wait to see where this wonderfully smart, funny, and kind young woman goes next. The world better watch out, because this little bird of mine is about take off… and it’s going to be amazing to watch her fly.


JV Senior-0035   JV Senior-0037JV Senior-0103   JV Senior-0144JV Senior-0021   JV Senior-0025JV Senior-0117   JV Senior-0182JV Senior-0254   JV Senior-0258

Senior Sessions: Brittany

San Diego State University is considered a large school. However, despite the fact that there are approximately 35,000 students, there are typically only a couple degrees of separation between every single person on campus. So when  Brittany emailed me to inquire about senior portraits, I quickly found out that she had seen Tessa’s session and we had various mutual friends.

Having only communicated via email, I had no idea who I was looking for when I arrived on a campus. Within minutes, a smiling girl in a bright yellow dress walked up to me – Brittany. Throughout our session we had to wait our turn at the various iconic SDSU grad photo locations. As we chatted by the turtle pond, got in line at Hepner Hall, and strolled down Campanile Walkway, I learned that Brittany is now graduating with a bachelor’s in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. She will be continuing her education at SDSU as a masters student in the fall and will be studying the effects on speech due to having a stroke.

But for a few months, she will be able to take a break from being a student as SDSU. After four years of being in various organizations (and having all of the stoles and cords to prove it), Brittany is less than two weeks away from one very impressive accomplishment. Congratulations Brittany! It was a pleasure meeting you, taking your photos, and hearing your passion shine through as you talked about your work!


BS-Senior-6011  BS-Senior-6020BS-Senior-5938  BS-Senior-5942BS-Senior-6134BS-Senior-5925  BS-Senior-5954BS-Senior-6090  BS-Senior-6079BS-Senior-6102  BS-Senior-5965BS-Senior-6120BS-Senior-5926  BS-Senior-6111

Senior Sessions: Tessa

When Tessa asked me if I would be willing to take her graduation photos, I was excited and instantly said yes. Tessa and I met through Rotaract when we were both students at SDSU. Rotaract is only one of the many organizations this brilliant and inspiring young woman is a part of – on top of being a math major and being able to rattle off details about number theory that would make most people’s head spin, she is an SDSU ambassador, and tutors student athletes.

This actually wasn’t going to be the first time I had the opportunity to take Tessa’s photo. Last year when Tessa was elected to be Rotaract’s Vice President of Service, I took her executive portrait. This time though, we got to take more than just one headshot. While gloomy skies and a rain forecast threatened above us, we raced all over campus in order to capture the perfect portrait.

And perhaps this won’t be the last time I take Tessa’s photo – she’s off to graduate school in the fall. But for now, here we celebrate her undergraduate accomplishments. Congratulations Tessa!!

TY Grad-2720TY Grad-2887  TY Grad-2816TY Grad-2676  TY Grad-2644TY Grad-2673TY Grad-2776  TY Grad-2729TY Grad-2801TY Grad-2814  TY Grad-2744TY Grad-2864TY Grad-2678  TY Grad-2701TY Grad-2684TY Grad-2715  TY Grad-2793

Senior Sessions: Emily

It’s that time of year again. San Diego State University’s students picked up their caps and gowns last week in anticipation of walking across a stage and throwing their cap in the air while thinking, I made it. Part of the excitement of graduation is getting photos taken, creating announcements, and sharing news of your achievement with friends and family.

The first graduate on my list to photograph was one of my dearest friends who is getting to celebrate this accomplishment for the second time as she picks up her graduate degree in social work. Photographing friends is always extra fun because not only do I get the opportunity to create beautiful images, but I deeply understand what these photos represent. I have been by Emily’s side over the past two years of endless hours spent studying, sleepless nights, and squeezing in dinners and game nights when there are lulls between exams.

So congratulations Emily! I can’t wait to celebrate with you on graduation day in just a few weeks!

EIGrad-1169EIGrad-1194EIGrad-1368  EIGrad-1384EIGrad-1144EIGrad-1151EIGrad-1270EIGrad-1297  EIGrad-1301EIGrad-1226EIGrad-1357EIGrad-1334EIGrad-1249EIGrad-1258EIGrad-1393  EIGrad-1399

Senior Sessions: Sabrina

A few months ago I had the honor of photographing the senior portraits of a girl I’ve known for many years. I met Sabrina through horseback riding and have maintained a great relationship with her and her family since. I have been the family’s babysitter, tutor, and photographer for almost eight years now. We have spent time together here in San Diego, she visited me in Madrid during my year studying abroad, and we both happened to be in London last summer. So to now see the oldest daughter thriving in college makes me a very proud unofficial big sister. Sabrina, you are gorgeous inside and out and I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish during this next chapter of your life!

Sabrina Senior-6700  Sabrina Senior-6707
Sabrina Senior-6666  Sabrina Senior-6674
Sabrina Senior-6769
Sabrina Senior-6780  Sabrina Senior-6783
Sabrina Senior-6865  Sabrina Senior-6651
Sabrina Senior-6597  Sabrina Senior-6618