Senior Sessions: Mallory

Mallory recently graduated from Arizona State University with a marketing degree. She has been spending the past few months in San Diego and she and I met just before she packs up once again, this time to New York City! Before she starts the next exciting chapter of her life, Mallory and I met at Presidio Park – this is one of San Diego’s best kept photography secrets. Nestled right above Old Town sits a beautiful building that has a similar style to Balboa Park, except that it’s almost always deserted. While Balboa Park is beautiful, it’s hard to dodge the tourists and art enthusiasts during a portrait session, which is why Presidio Park is the perfect alternative! Take a look at  Mallory’s senior session here:

Mallory-0077  Mallory-0085Mallory-0089Mallory-0102  Mallory-0110Mallory-0151  Mallory-0118Mallory-0155-2Mallory-0122  Mallory-0164Mallory-0125  Mallory-0172Mallory-0205  Mallory-0198