Holiday Mini Sessions

The holidays are getting closer and closer, and sometimes all you’re looking for are those one to two photos to send out on your holiday card. In just a few minutes (before we lose the attention of dogs and children), a mini session is complete!



South-5364  South-5411  South-5403



Sahney-6013  Sahney-6022Sahney-6034  Sahney-6047



Jasnoch-6073  Jasnoch-6103  Jasnoch-6128



For our second location and part to this series, things got a little more serious. No more colorful bikes, puppies, or being doubled over in laughter. A cooler, calmer, and more sultry tone settled onto the set – and this is the result:

Marissa 2015-8486Marissa 2015-8487Marissa 2015-8488Marissa 2015-8497 Marissa 2015-8502Marissa 2015-8492 Marissa 2015-8495Marissa 2015-8500 Marissa 2015-8505Marissa 2015-8499 Marissa 2015-8509Marissa 2015-8518 Marissa 2015-8523Marissa 2015-8514 Marissa 2015-8515


Meet Marissa. This girl and I met in Madrid, Spain when studying abroad together back in 2012. Once back in the states a year later, we became roommates and have been friends ever since. Marissa is one of the most fun loving and kind people I know. She is my blonde soul sister and I was sad to lose her to the land of the stars, also known as Los Angeles. Luckily we still get to see each other somewhat regularly. On her most recent trip down to San Diego, I asked if she’d like to model for me. Not only did she say yes, she ended up with a four legged prop. Remember Carlos? He decided to make a guest appearance… and what a blast the three of us had!

Marissa 2015-8182Marissa 2015-8179 Marissa 2015-8223Marissa 2015-8192Marissa 2015-8189 Marissa 2015-8205Marissa 2015-8226 Marissa 2015-8245Marissa 2015-8231Marissa 2015-8269 Marissa 2015-8266Marissa 2015-8280 Marissa 2015-8286Marissa 2015-8293Marissa 2015-8300Marissa 2015-8288Marissa 2015-8310Marissa 2015-8305 Marissa 2015-8303Marissa 2015-8315Marissa 2015-8312Marissa 2015-8327 Marissa 2015-8329Marissa 2015-8340Marissa 2015-8339Marissa 2015-8356Marissa 2015-8360Marissa 2015-8395Marissa 2015-8388Marissa 2015-8371 Marissa 2015-8373Marissa 2015-8399Marissa 2015-8401Marissa 2015-8402Marissa 2015-8410Marissa 2015-8412Marissa 2015-8416Marissa 2015-8414Marissa 2015-8457Marissa 2015-8447Marissa 2015-8446Marissa 2015-8448Marissa 2015-8473 Marissa 2015-8480

Portraits of Elizabeth

Elizabeth goes by Ellie. My fully name is Gabrielle and I go by Elle. Elle & Ellie. Ellie & Elle. No matter how you say it, it makes for a confusing cousin dynamic. However, one dynamic that’s never confusing: I stay behind the camera while she, and everyone else I have the pleasure of photographing, poses in front. So when my cousin was coming down to San Diego for a belated birthday weekend and brunch, I offered the best present I know: perfect Instagram material! (That’s only kind of a joke…)

So happy birthday Ellie! May you enjoy each and every day as you count down to 21!

Ellie 2015-7994Ellie 2015-7988 Ellie 2015-7992Ellie 2015-8020 Ellie 2015-8027Ellie 2015-8043Ellie 2015-8045 Ellie 2015-8049Ellie 2015-8051Ellie 2015-8054Ellie 2015-8064 Ellie 2015-8062Ellie 2015-8070Ellie 2015-8073Ellie 2015-7982 Ellie 2015-8101Ellie 2015-8109Ellie 2015-7927 Ellie 2015-7947Ellie 2015-8123Ellie 2015-8120

And then there was Ethel who wanted to join us…

Ellie 2015-8017 Ellie 2015-7967


In part one of this series, Mia and her horse Pickens were the stars. But after Pickens decided he was done being a model, we pulled out of Mia’s first ever horse. Leo is now owned by another woman at the barn which made it easy to do a portrait session of Mia all grown up and the horse she used to do the little bitty jumps on. Leo is a funny character. He used to be a racehorse, which is something most of us find hard to believe. Leo likes to go as    s l o w l y   as possible, all the time. And his version of being “wild” is a tiny hop in the air and then he breaks into what would be a normal canter for most horses. But this quirky personality is why everyone at the barn loves this gentle chestnut gelding.

Mia Sept 2015-7844Mia Sept 2015-7845Mia Sept 2015-7810 Mia Sept 2015-7821Mia Sept 2015-7825Mia Sept 2015-7826Mia Sept 2015-7835Mia Sept 2015-7730Mia Sept 2015-7748 Mia Sept 2015-7719Mia Sept 2015-7735Mia Sept 2015-7737Mia Sept 2015-7740 Mia Sept 2015-7743Mia Sept 2015-7749 Mia Sept 2015-7752Mia Sept 2015-7755Mia Sept 2015-7757Mia Sept 2015-7761Mia Sept 2015-7759Mia Sept 2015-7769Mia Sept 2015-7772Mia Sept 2015-7793 Mia Sept 2015-7799Mia Sept 2015-7802Mia Sept 2015-7803Mia Sept 2015-7801Mia Sept 2015-7788


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with horses. I’m one of those people who never grew out the “I want a pony” phase of life. So it’s no surprise that one of my favorite subjects to photograph is people with their horses. There is something about the bond between humans and horses that is unparalleled. Example A: the beautiful Mia and her horses Pickens and Leo.

Part one of this blog post is all about Pickens – a small horse with a BIG personality. We spent much of the morning laughing as he refused to stand still or conveniently block Mia’s face with his own. He also decided to channel his inner racehorse and dance the whole walk back to the barn. But between his silly moments, we were able to capture some stunning shots.

Mia Sept 2015-7520Mia Sept 2015-7521Mia Sept 2015-7509Mia Sept 2015-7511 Mia Sept 2015-7518Mia Sept 2015-7535Mia Sept 2015-7537Mia Sept 2015-7539Mia Sept 2015-7544Mia Sept 2015-7549Mia Sept 2015-7563Mia Sept 2015-7567-2Mia Sept 2015-7571Mia Sept 2015-7583Mia Sept 2015-7591Mia Sept 2015-7615Mia Sept 2015-7617Mia Sept 2015-7621Mia Sept 2015-7619Mia Sept 2015-7627Mia Sept 2015-7637Mia Sept 2015-7643Mia Sept 2015-7659Mia Sept 2015-7665Mia Sept 2015-7669Mia Sept 2015-7671Mia Sept 2015-7675Mia Sept 2015-7689Mia Sept 2015-7495Mia Sept 2015-7500Mia Sept 2015-7481 Mia Sept 2015-7488Mia Sept 2015-7489Mia Sept 2015-7472

Senior Sessions: Sabrina

A few months ago I had the honor of photographing the senior portraits of a girl I’ve known for many years. I met Sabrina through horseback riding and have maintained a great relationship with her and her family since. I have been the family’s babysitter, tutor, and photographer for almost eight years now. We have spent time together here in San Diego, she visited me in Madrid during my year studying abroad, and we both happened to be in London last summer. So to now see the oldest daughter thriving in college makes me a very proud unofficial big sister. Sabrina, you are gorgeous inside and out and I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish during this next chapter of your life!

Sabrina Senior-6700  Sabrina Senior-6707
Sabrina Senior-6666  Sabrina Senior-6674
Sabrina Senior-6769
Sabrina Senior-6780  Sabrina Senior-6783
Sabrina Senior-6865  Sabrina Senior-6651
Sabrina Senior-6597  Sabrina Senior-6618

Dear Neighbor

This email correspondence between two new neighbors may be one of the funniest things I have ever stumbled upon. Mr. Thorne, you deserve an award.

funny neighbor email exchange


Disclaimer: I am not the author of this hysterical correspondence. I am simply sharing something I find funny that I believe should be read by all. There was no copyright infringement intended. Find the original here.