The Smith Family

Meet the Smith family: three sisters, one boyfriend, one husband, three kids, a mom (now grandma), and a dad (now grandpa). And this is only part of the family! All of those who had left San Diego for various parts of the country were back, which meant a moment in time that deserved to be captured – especially given that there was a recent addition to the family.

It was a beautiful day at La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club. The sun was starting to set and everyone was busy making food, drinks, and laughing amongst themselves when I arrived. As I learned names, family relationships, and important facts (such as that it was Chase’s 4 year old birthday), I started to gather the groups: sisters, kids, couples, etc.

I have to admit, these are some of my favorite family portraits to date. And I can’t even take the credit, because a family this stunning makes my job so easy! Thank you to all of the Smith’s for inviting me to your family gathering and for being such a fun group to work with!

Smith Family-6694Smith Family-6757Smith Family-6831-2Smith Family-6829Smith Family-6787  Smith Family-6784Smith Family-6906-2Smith Family-6912Smith Family-6807  Smith Family-6815Smith Family-6764-2  Smith Family-6799-2Smith Family-6874Smith Family-6717  Smith Family-6719Smith Family-6918Smith Family-7009-2 Smith Family-7010-2 Smith Family-7013-2Smith Family-6934  Smith Family-6943Smith Family-6959

Emily & Kevin

Emily & Kevin are set to get married on July 2nd, 2016. The family of four (if you count the furry, four-legged members) wanted to not only do an engagement shoot, but a fun holiday session with their pets.

These two have a sense of humor – the Jewish couple came with Christmas hats and various other accessories. Between getting everyone to look the proper direction, having the dogs (not always cooperatively) hold the save the date sign, and throwing on Santa hats, there was no shortage of laughable moments. And all the silliness was a perfect reflection of the relationship that Emily & Kevin share. This relationship is obviously full of love, laughter, and kindness.

So here they are – Happy Holidays from the (soon to be) Fannan’s! And cheers to a happy forever together!

EmilyKevin2015-8540EmilyKevin2015-8562EmilyKevin2015-8575EmilyKevin2015-8578EmilyKevin2015-8611EmilyKevin2015-8614EmilyKevin2015-8627EmilyKevin2015-8636EmilyKevin2015-8643EmilyKevin2015-8660EmilyKevin2015-8669EmilyKevin2015-8674EmilyKevin2015-8676 EmilyKevin2015-8682 EmilyKevin2015-8714 EmilyKevin2015-8717EmilyKevin2015-8720EmilyKevin2015-8721EmilyKevin2015-8731EmilyKevin2015-8734EmilyKevin2015-8793EmilyKevin2015-8796EmilyKevin2015-8752EmilyKevin2015-8754EmilyKevin2015-8863EmilyKevin2015-8897 EmilyKevin2015-8900EmilyKevin2015-8746 EmilyKevin2015-8906EmilyKevin2015-8926 EmilyKevin2015-8912 EmilyKevin2015-8917

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage!

Guess what? One of my best friends is getting MARRIED!


Yup! On July 11th of 2015, these two love birds are going to make it official! I’ve been there since the first date over three years ago, gossiping with Lauren in the sorority house we both lived in together about this new boy.

Well, their first date is old news now – the new thing for us to chat about on the phone is a WEDDING! We have to go old school and use a phone because Lauren & Tyler moved to Sacramento after graduation. But they visit often and when I found out they were going to be in town last weekend, I asked if I could take engagement photos for them! They indulged me by saying yes! (Maybe because I forgot to mention that I had never done an engagement session before… oops.)

The absolutely stunning Grand Del Mar and then the Del Mar Beach set the scene. Thanks to these two gorgeous locations and an outfit change, I snapped over 500 photos of these two posing, smiling, kissing, and often simply looking into each others eyes with that twinkle, knowing that this was just one of many events on the road to spending the rest of their lives together. To be able to witness a love like this is special, and to be honored with the task of capturing it on film is something I am so grateful to have been given.

Here are just some of my favorites… not too bad if I say so myself!

Lauren&Tyler-5703Lauren&Tyler-5737Lauren&Tyler-5762Lauren&Tyler-5758  Lauren&Tyler-5923Lauren&Tyler-5771Lauren&Tyler-5775Lauren&Tyler-5792Lauren&Tyler-5812Lauren&Tyler-5853Lauren&Tyler-5863Lauren&Tyler-5875Lauren&Tyler-5896

Lauren&Tyler-5948  Lauren&Tyler-5949Lauren&Tyler-5957Lauren&Tyler-5963 Lauren&Tyler-5964 Lauren&Tyler-5967Lauren&Tyler-5986Lauren&Tyler-6014Lauren&Tyler-6110Lauren&Tyler-6115Lauren&Tyler-6169Lauren&Tyler-6168