Holiday Mini Sessions

The holidays are getting closer and closer, and sometimes all you’re looking for are those one to two photos to send out on your holiday card. In just a few minutes (before we lose the attention of dogs and children), a mini session is complete!



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Emily & Kevin

Emily & Kevin are set to get married on July 2nd, 2016. The family of four (if you count the furry, four-legged members) wanted to not only do an engagement shoot, but a fun holiday session with their pets.

These two have a sense of humor – the Jewish couple came with Christmas hats and various other accessories. Between getting everyone to look the proper direction, having the dogs (not always cooperatively) hold the save the date sign, and throwing on Santa hats, there was no shortage of laughable moments. And all the silliness was a perfect reflection of the relationship that Emily & Kevin share. This relationship is obviously full of love, laughter, and kindness.

So here they are – Happy Holidays from the (soon to be) Fannan’s! And cheers to a happy forever together!

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The Fall Photography Special Starts Today!

Can you believe that October is already here?!? You better grab your pumpkin quick because Christmas ornaments will be lining the shelves before you know it!

And Target, Walmart, and other retailers aren’t the only ones getting everything lined up for the holidays months in advance! Many families are already booking their holiday portrait sessions! Some of my weekends in November (that’s right, November) are already filling up!

Starting today I am offering a 1 hr. portrait session along with a disk of edited, high-resolution files of ALL images for just $175 ($250 value) if purchased before November 15th*.

Ready to book your session? Contact me and we will find a time that works best for you and your family!

*Must be redeemed before December 15th to allow time for editing and delivery.