Two Sides of a Country

Southern_California_coastI am very lucky to live in Southern California… the land of perfect weather and pristine beaches. It’s also the land of Hollywood starlets, cheating, lying, and scandals.

Asheville, North Carolina may be lacking the beaches and weather, but what they do have is the honor system… and blueberry picking: substitutes for drama which are non-existent on my side of the country. The differences between the coasts sometimes seem like two sides of the world instead of just opposite end of the United States.

NC11-9637Reads: “We will be on the honor system today. I will be here but not able to stay outside all the time. Go ahead and weigh your berries. The scales are on the inside. Bags to carry your berries home in are on the desk. Please record your poundage on the table next to the scale. There is a chart to help you if you need it. If you need change, just come to the door and call me.
Have a blessed day,

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