K9 to 5 Retirement

You may not know it from looking at him, but Jim is a retired working dog. After years of sniffing out trouble, Jim found his forever home with Matt. And despite his tough job description, Jim is a little camera shy. As we wandered around downtown San Diego, Jim started to relax. He was especially happy when we made it to Petco Park and he was allowed to run and play. So my favorite shot of him is this first one at the park where he’s snuggling up into Matt’s hands and smiling at the camera. It doesn’t get much cuter than this man’s best friend.

Jim-0271Jim-0215-2  Jim-0217Jim-0347  Jim-0242-2Jim-0280Jim-0335  Jim-0238Jim-0207


Emily & Kevin

Emily & Kevin are set to get married on July 2nd, 2016. The family of four (if you count the furry, four-legged members) wanted to not only do an engagement shoot, but a fun holiday session with their pets.

These two have a sense of humor – the Jewish couple came with Christmas hats and various other accessories. Between getting everyone to look the proper direction, having the dogs (not always cooperatively) hold the save the date sign, and throwing on Santa hats, there was no shortage of laughable moments. And all the silliness was a perfect reflection of the relationship that Emily & Kevin share. This relationship is obviously full of love, laughter, and kindness.

So here they are – Happy Holidays from the (soon to be) Fannan’s! And cheers to a happy forever together!

EmilyKevin2015-8540EmilyKevin2015-8562EmilyKevin2015-8575EmilyKevin2015-8578EmilyKevin2015-8611EmilyKevin2015-8614EmilyKevin2015-8627EmilyKevin2015-8636EmilyKevin2015-8643EmilyKevin2015-8660EmilyKevin2015-8669EmilyKevin2015-8674EmilyKevin2015-8676 EmilyKevin2015-8682 EmilyKevin2015-8714 EmilyKevin2015-8717EmilyKevin2015-8720EmilyKevin2015-8721EmilyKevin2015-8731EmilyKevin2015-8734EmilyKevin2015-8793EmilyKevin2015-8796EmilyKevin2015-8752EmilyKevin2015-8754EmilyKevin2015-8863EmilyKevin2015-8897 EmilyKevin2015-8900EmilyKevin2015-8746 EmilyKevin2015-8906EmilyKevin2015-8926 EmilyKevin2015-8912 EmilyKevin2015-8917

House Sitting

6 Days. 3 Dogs. 1 Cat.

Meet Shadow (a 5 year old Black Lab), Shade (a 5 year old Weimaraner), Sunshine (a 1.5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), and the kitty cat Pebbles.

Beatty-7378-2   Beatty-7433   Beatty-7301

I may be taking care of the house, but the dogs are actually taking care of me. They know the rules from the 3 weeks we lived together over summer: if it is dark at least one of you must follow me into every room so I’m never alone… I am secretly terrified of the dark and being by myself in a house. This small vice is why I don’t mind that Shadow insists on sleeping on my feet, Shade stretches out right against me and takes more than her half my pillow, and Sunshine is never more than a few feet away (if for some reason she’s not cuddled up right next to us). The sleeping arrangement is a bit tight, but at least I am fairly confident that there are no kidnappers who are willing to go through 3 dogs and a cat (who sometimes joins us despite the fact I’m allergic to her).

Besides the basic taking them out every once in a while and making sure they don’t starve, I am also taking pictures of each animal for the mother to print on big canvases for each child’s room. Dogs don’t take direction quite as well as people. Apparently asking “Would you mind turning your head slightly towards the light?” translates to “Why don’t we find a new location?” I haven’t quite mastered this language barrier which makes taking portraits more like a game of tag, except I’m always it.

But I have finally gotten 2 dogs complete: 1 day of tag at the house, 1 day at the beach, 236 photos, and hours of editing later.

Beatty-7296  Beatty-7441  Beatty-7422

Beatty-7353   Beatty-7367

Beatty-7376  Beatty-7317-2


Beatty-7525   Beatty-7536