K9 to 5 Retirement

You may not know it from looking at him, but Jim is a retired working dog. After years of sniffing out trouble, Jim found his forever home with Matt. And despite his tough job description, Jim is a little camera shy. As we wandered around downtown San Diego, Jim started to relax. He was especially happy when we made it to Petco Park and he was allowed to run and play. So my favorite shot of him is this first one at the park where he’s snuggling up into Matt’s hands and smiling at the camera. It doesn’t get much cuter than this man’s best friend.

Jim-0271Jim-0215-2  Jim-0217Jim-0347  Jim-0242-2Jim-0280Jim-0335  Jim-0238Jim-0207


Emily & Kevin

Emily & Kevin are set to get married on July 2nd, 2016. The family of four (if you count the furry, four-legged members) wanted to not only do an engagement shoot, but a fun holiday session with their pets.

These two have a sense of humor – the Jewish couple came with Christmas hats and various other accessories. Between getting everyone to look the proper direction, having the dogs (not always cooperatively) hold the save the date sign, and throwing on Santa hats, there was no shortage of laughable moments. And all the silliness was a perfect reflection of the relationship that Emily & Kevin share. This relationship is obviously full of love, laughter, and kindness.

So here they are – Happy Holidays from the (soon to be) Fannan’s! And cheers to a happy forever together!

EmilyKevin2015-8540EmilyKevin2015-8562EmilyKevin2015-8575EmilyKevin2015-8578EmilyKevin2015-8611EmilyKevin2015-8614EmilyKevin2015-8627EmilyKevin2015-8636EmilyKevin2015-8643EmilyKevin2015-8660EmilyKevin2015-8669EmilyKevin2015-8674EmilyKevin2015-8676 EmilyKevin2015-8682 EmilyKevin2015-8714 EmilyKevin2015-8717EmilyKevin2015-8720EmilyKevin2015-8721EmilyKevin2015-8731EmilyKevin2015-8734EmilyKevin2015-8793EmilyKevin2015-8796EmilyKevin2015-8752EmilyKevin2015-8754EmilyKevin2015-8863EmilyKevin2015-8897 EmilyKevin2015-8900EmilyKevin2015-8746 EmilyKevin2015-8906EmilyKevin2015-8926 EmilyKevin2015-8912 EmilyKevin2015-8917


The hardest thing about photographing puppies is that they want to eat the camera, chew on the strap, and generally don’t know the “sit” and “stay” commands. They trip over themselves, go in the exact direction you don’t want them to go, and just like to make things more difficult. But it’s all worth it, because when you finally get a good puppy picture, all is right in the world.

Meet Carlos, the ten week old Frenchie. Carlos likes chewing on shoes (which are currently bigger than him) and furniture. He sleeps in the bed, snuggling so close you have to be careful not to crush him. And his favorite game is chasing you around the house – and it only takes about ten times of running back and forth across the living room to get him to so tired he passes out.

Good luck not falling in love.

Carlos-7859Carlos-7863 Carlos-7916Carlos-7888Carlos-7890Carlos-7873Carlos-7900Carlos-7878Carlos-7907Carlos-7859-2

and again but in color because I’m obsessed…


In part one of this series, Mia and her horse Pickens were the stars. But after Pickens decided he was done being a model, we pulled out of Mia’s first ever horse. Leo is now owned by another woman at the barn which made it easy to do a portrait session of Mia all grown up and the horse she used to do the little bitty jumps on. Leo is a funny character. He used to be a racehorse, which is something most of us find hard to believe. Leo likes to go as    s l o w l y   as possible, all the time. And his version of being “wild” is a tiny hop in the air and then he breaks into what would be a normal canter for most horses. But this quirky personality is why everyone at the barn loves this gentle chestnut gelding.

Mia Sept 2015-7844Mia Sept 2015-7845Mia Sept 2015-7810 Mia Sept 2015-7821Mia Sept 2015-7825Mia Sept 2015-7826Mia Sept 2015-7835Mia Sept 2015-7730Mia Sept 2015-7748 Mia Sept 2015-7719Mia Sept 2015-7735Mia Sept 2015-7737Mia Sept 2015-7740 Mia Sept 2015-7743Mia Sept 2015-7749 Mia Sept 2015-7752Mia Sept 2015-7755Mia Sept 2015-7757Mia Sept 2015-7761Mia Sept 2015-7759Mia Sept 2015-7769Mia Sept 2015-7772Mia Sept 2015-7793 Mia Sept 2015-7799Mia Sept 2015-7802Mia Sept 2015-7803Mia Sept 2015-7801Mia Sept 2015-7788


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with horses. I’m one of those people who never grew out the “I want a pony” phase of life. So it’s no surprise that one of my favorite subjects to photograph is people with their horses. There is something about the bond between humans and horses that is unparalleled. Example A: the beautiful Mia and her horses Pickens and Leo.

Part one of this blog post is all about Pickens – a small horse with a BIG personality. We spent much of the morning laughing as he refused to stand still or conveniently block Mia’s face with his own. He also decided to channel his inner racehorse and dance the whole walk back to the barn. But between his silly moments, we were able to capture some stunning shots.

Mia Sept 2015-7520Mia Sept 2015-7521Mia Sept 2015-7509Mia Sept 2015-7511 Mia Sept 2015-7518Mia Sept 2015-7535Mia Sept 2015-7537Mia Sept 2015-7539Mia Sept 2015-7544Mia Sept 2015-7549Mia Sept 2015-7563Mia Sept 2015-7567-2Mia Sept 2015-7571Mia Sept 2015-7583Mia Sept 2015-7591Mia Sept 2015-7615Mia Sept 2015-7617Mia Sept 2015-7621Mia Sept 2015-7619Mia Sept 2015-7627Mia Sept 2015-7637Mia Sept 2015-7643Mia Sept 2015-7659Mia Sept 2015-7665Mia Sept 2015-7669Mia Sept 2015-7671Mia Sept 2015-7675Mia Sept 2015-7689Mia Sept 2015-7495Mia Sept 2015-7500Mia Sept 2015-7481 Mia Sept 2015-7488Mia Sept 2015-7489Mia Sept 2015-7472

Feed Your Soul

It’s so easy to get caught up in other people’s lives. A teacher is counting on you – a project for work or school needs to be done. A friend is counting on you – you promised to help her move into her new place. Family members are counting on you – it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving. It’s so easy to add more tasks to our to do list, fit just one more thing into our day, take care of just one more person… but who is taking care of you? I’m not talking about sharing a bottle of wine with a girlfriend while watching The Notebook. I’m talking about the time you take to block out the world, rediscover stable footing, and FEED YOUR feed your soulSOUL.

Last week I had free time for the first time in a long time. Instead of picking up an extra shift or making plans to study for a big exam coming up, I went out to see my horses. I got in the saddle for the first time in months. And after that hour of being in perfect harmony with another creature, I felt richer than any shift at work would have made me and more prepared to tackle what’s ahead than any study session would have been able to.

It’s easy to get caught up making money and making plans, but it is so important to remember to schedule time for yourself. Maybe it’s a long walk alone in nature where your deep inner thoughts can finally find their voice. Maybe it’s allowing yourself to indulge in a rich meal. Or maybe it’s spending time with animals. There’s a reason they say dog is a man’s best friend and I consider horses to be the best therapists. Whatever it is, FEED YOUR SOUL REGULARLY. It’s one of those riches that money can’t buy.

Charleston, SC Part 1: The Plantation

I was more than happy to escape from the craziness of reality for the past 4 days to meet up with my mom and brothers who were visiting my grandfather. He recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina so we trekked across the country to see what his historic town was all about.

The first day we went to the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. (From the website home page:) Founded in 1676 by the Drayton family, Magnolia Plantation has survived the centuries and witnessed the history of our nation unfold before it from the American Revolution through the Civil War and beyond. It is the oldest public tourist site in the Lowcountry, and the oldest public gardens in America, opening its doors to visitors in 1870 to view the thousands of beautiful flowers and plants in its famous gardens.

It was everything the website had promised. We took a boat tour through the marsh and snuck up on alligators, turtles, and more types of birds than I can remember. We then toured the plantation’s mansion, and ended with a tram ride through the property. As someone who likes to call herself a photographer, I was in heaven.

Plantation-8632     Plantation-8668

Plantation-8644     Plantation-8655

Plantation-8650   Plantation-8695

Plantation-8579     Plantation-8658

Plantation-8564   Plantation-8580

Plantation-8671  Plantation-8677  Plantation-8648

Plantation-8691     Plantation-8710

Plantation-8605     Plantation-8596

Plantation-8599   Plantation-8607

Plantation-8614   Plantation-8619