Happy Holidays From The Bhavnani’s

You may recognize Anjali from her portrait session in her mom’s wedding dress this past summer. This time, with the holidays fast approaching, we let the boys join in on the fun. We gathered in the early morning, just as the marine layer was starting to burn off. Mama Jen came prepared with flower crowns and bouquets. And the kids were easily amused as their dad tossed them into the air. It’s obvious that this silly family deeply loves one another, which makes my job of capturing happy holiday photos as easy as (apple) pie.

Bhavnani2016-3340  Bhavnani2016-3317Bhavnani2016-3394-2Bhavnani2016-3510  Bhavnani2016-3553Bhavnani2016-3450Bhavnani2016-3319  Bhavnani2016-3308Bhavnani2016-3372Bhavnani2016-3543  Bhavnani2016-3483Bhavnani2016-3548Bhavnani2016-3374-2  Bhavnani2016-3445-2Bhavnani2016-3434Bhavnani2016-3469  Bhavnani2016-3473Bhavnani2016-3412Bhavnani2016-3456


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