The Wedding Dress

“I want to do a portrait session of my daughter in my wedding dress so that I can give her the photos on her own wedding day.” This request turned into one of my all-time favorite portrait sessions to date. Meet Jen and her six year old daughter Anjali, and take a peek into Anjali’s “wedding day preview”:

Anjali Wedding Dress-9134  Anjali Wedding Dress-9154Anjali Wedding Dress-9146  Anjali Wedding Dress-9152Anjali Wedding Dress-9170  Anjali Wedding Dress-9179Anjali Wedding Dress-9182  Anjali Wedding Dress-9171Anjali Wedding Dress-9184  Anjali Wedding Dress-9189Anjali Wedding Dress-9209-2  Anjali Wedding Dress-9212Anjali Wedding Dress-9213  Anjali Wedding Dress-9217-2Anjali Wedding Dress-9222  Anjali Wedding Dress-9230Anjali Wedding Dress-9239  Anjali Wedding Dress-9252Anjali Wedding Dress-9276  Anjali Wedding Dress-9297Anjali Wedding Dress-9324


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