Senior Sessions: Julia

“They grow up so fast.” That’s what everyone says about kids. And as the kiddos I grew up babysitting become adults and head off to college, I can’t help but agree. Julia was one of the little ones I grew up riding horses with. I spent my high school years shuttling her from school, to the barn, and back home. I spent weekends ordering in pizza at her house and watching movies or playing dress up with her while her parents were out. And today, she graduates from high school. And in a few months, she’ll pack up for college. So yeah, they grow up so fast. But this is also just the beginning, and I can’t wait to see where this wonderfully smart, funny, and kind young woman goes next. The world better watch out, because this little bird of mine is about take off… and it’s going to be amazing to watch her fly.


JV Senior-0035   JV Senior-0037JV Senior-0103   JV Senior-0144JV Senior-0021   JV Senior-0025JV Senior-0117   JV Senior-0182JV Senior-0254   JV Senior-0258


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