Senior Sessions: Brittany

San Diego State University is considered a large school. However, despite the fact that there are approximately 35,000 students, there are typically only a couple degrees of separation between every single person on campus. So when  Brittany emailed me to inquire about senior portraits, I quickly found out that she had seen Tessa’s session and we had various mutual friends.

Having only communicated via email, I had no idea who I was looking for when I arrived on a campus. Within minutes, a smiling girl in a bright yellow dress walked up to me – Brittany. Throughout our session we had to wait our turn at the various iconic SDSU grad photo locations. As we chatted by the turtle pond, got in line at Hepner Hall, and strolled down Campanile Walkway, I learned that Brittany is now graduating with a bachelor’s in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. She will be continuing her education at SDSU as a masters student in the fall and will be studying the effects on speech due to having a stroke.

But for a few months, she will be able to take a break from being a student as SDSU. After four years of being in various organizations (and having all of the stoles and cords to prove it), Brittany is less than two weeks away from one very impressive accomplishment. Congratulations Brittany! It was a pleasure meeting you, taking your photos, and hearing your passion shine through as you talked about your work!


BS-Senior-6011  BS-Senior-6020BS-Senior-5938  BS-Senior-5942BS-Senior-6134BS-Senior-5925  BS-Senior-5954BS-Senior-6090  BS-Senior-6079BS-Senior-6102  BS-Senior-5965BS-Senior-6120BS-Senior-5926  BS-Senior-6111


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