Senior Sessions: Emily

It’s that time of year again. San Diego State University’s students picked up their caps and gowns last week in anticipation of walking across a stage and throwing their cap in the air while thinking, I made it. Part of the excitement of graduation is getting photos taken, creating announcements, and sharing news of your achievement with friends and family.

The first graduate on my list to photograph was one of my dearest friends who is getting to celebrate this accomplishment for the second time as she picks up her graduate degree in social work. Photographing friends is always extra fun because not only do I get the opportunity to create beautiful images, but I deeply understand what these photos represent. I have been by Emily’s side over the past two years of endless hours spent studying, sleepless nights, and squeezing in dinners and game nights when there are lulls between exams.

So congratulations Emily! I can’t wait to celebrate with you on graduation day in just a few weeks!

EIGrad-1169EIGrad-1194EIGrad-1368  EIGrad-1384EIGrad-1144EIGrad-1151EIGrad-1270EIGrad-1297  EIGrad-1301EIGrad-1226EIGrad-1357EIGrad-1334EIGrad-1249EIGrad-1258EIGrad-1393  EIGrad-1399


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