La Gloria, Mexico: Volunteering with Unity 4 Orphans

U4O-8984Last weekend I had the opportunity to head down to La Gloria, Mexico with Unity 4 Orphans. U4O is an incredible organization that has partnered with an extremely needy orphanage in Mexico. A woman by the name of Edith started by taking in a couple kids. Then a few more. Then a lot more. Now the orphanage, which she runs by herself with only the help of volunteers like Unity 4 Orphans, provides refuge for 70 children. She told us that she will never tell a child that they can’t stay with her any longer, that they will never be told there’s not enough food (even if supplies are actually running short), and that she will never ever turn a child away. This woman is described as “one big heart,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Meet Brisa: 3 years old and at least part Chinese. She wasn’t at the orphanage during the trip 2 months ago. Maybe her parents have just dropped her off temporarily. Perhaps they will never return. It’s very likely that we will never know. But this little girl just wanted to be loved. She pulled on my leg to be picked up and wouldn’t let go of me for a good portion of the day.

And she is one of seventy kids that just want one thing: love. The amazing thing is that this place, which could easily be a place of sorrow, is a place filled with love. Edith loves each and every kid. The kids love and take care of each other. And the volunteers, even though it’s just for a few hours once or twice a month, bring even more love and laughter to this home. What an incredible place, organization, and experience to be a part of!

U4O-8932U4O-8937U4O-9000U4O-8942  U4O-8979  U4O-8956U4O-9013U4O-8968  U4O-8969U4O-8978U4O-9002U4O-9003U4O-9008U4O-9012U4O-8975  U4O-8990U4O-8994U4O-9031  U4O-9038U4O-9048U4O-9041U4O-8934U4O-9051U4O-9070U4O-9069U4O-9071U4O-9085  U4O-9089U4O-9094


3 thoughts on “La Gloria, Mexico: Volunteering with Unity 4 Orphans

  1. Thank you for allowing us to see through your pictures. It fills my eyes with tears and my heart with joy to know there are people that help the needy. Especialy holding, smiling, loving children. The way God loves us.

  2. The work you are doing is incredible!! So happy to find another volunteer in the blogging world! 🙂

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