Meet Marissa. This girl and I met in Madrid, Spain when studying abroad together back in 2012. Once back in the states a year later, we became roommates and have been friends ever since. Marissa is one of the most fun loving and kind people I know. She is my blonde soul sister and I was sad to lose her to the land of the stars, also known as Los Angeles. Luckily we still get to see each other somewhat regularly. On her most recent trip down to San Diego, I asked if she’d like to model for me. Not only did she say yes, she ended up with a four legged prop. Remember Carlos? He decided to make a guest appearance… and what a blast the three of us had!

Marissa 2015-8182Marissa 2015-8179 Marissa 2015-8223Marissa 2015-8192Marissa 2015-8189 Marissa 2015-8205Marissa 2015-8226 Marissa 2015-8245Marissa 2015-8231Marissa 2015-8269 Marissa 2015-8266Marissa 2015-8280 Marissa 2015-8286Marissa 2015-8293Marissa 2015-8300Marissa 2015-8288Marissa 2015-8310Marissa 2015-8305 Marissa 2015-8303Marissa 2015-8315Marissa 2015-8312Marissa 2015-8327 Marissa 2015-8329Marissa 2015-8340Marissa 2015-8339Marissa 2015-8356Marissa 2015-8360Marissa 2015-8395Marissa 2015-8388Marissa 2015-8371 Marissa 2015-8373Marissa 2015-8399Marissa 2015-8401Marissa 2015-8402Marissa 2015-8410Marissa 2015-8412Marissa 2015-8416Marissa 2015-8414Marissa 2015-8457Marissa 2015-8447Marissa 2015-8446Marissa 2015-8448Marissa 2015-8473 Marissa 2015-8480


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