It amazes me what people decide to use as a LinkedIn profile picture sometimes. I often see a photo that obviously was originally a group picture at a party, and one person decide to crop the photo in nice and tight so it’s just their face. Or sometimes I stumble across a picture that is so outdated, I wouldn’t even recognize the person if their name wasn’t in bold next to the image.

It’s especially important for young professionals who are just starting their careers and entering the workforce to have a clean, professional LinkedIn profile picture. As many times as we hear, “there’s more to a book than it’s cover,” that doesn’t apply to job applications. The average resume is looked at for 30 seconds. And being that LinkedIn is basically an online resume, first impressions are just as important.

So when I got the call from an old friend and recent graduate asking if she could schedule an updated headshot, I was thrilled to learn that I would be able to help and participate in my personal mission to have the people in my network well represented! It also inspired me to run a student and recent graduate special – check my Facebook page soon for details! Until then, here’s a preview of a few of Dana’s new LinkedIn profile picture options:

Dana 2015-8152 Dana 2015-8154Dana 2015-8142 Dana 2015-8143Dana 2015-8157


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