The hardest thing about photographing puppies is that they want to eat the camera, chew on the strap, and generally don’t know the “sit” and “stay” commands. They trip over themselves, go in the exact direction you don’t want them to go, and just like to make things more difficult. But it’s all worth it, because when you finally get a good puppy picture, all is right in the world.

Meet Carlos, the ten week old Frenchie. Carlos likes chewing on shoes (which are currently bigger than him) and furniture. He sleeps in the bed, snuggling so close you have to be careful not to crush him. And his favorite game is chasing you around the house – and it only takes about ten times of running back and forth across the living room to get him to so tired he passes out.

Good luck not falling in love.

Carlos-7859Carlos-7863 Carlos-7916Carlos-7888Carlos-7890Carlos-7873Carlos-7900Carlos-7878Carlos-7907Carlos-7859-2

and again but in color because I’m obsessed…


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