Portraits of Elizabeth

Elizabeth goes by Ellie. My fully name is Gabrielle and I go by Elle. Elle & Ellie. Ellie & Elle. No matter how you say it, it makes for a confusing cousin dynamic. However, one dynamic that’s never confusing: I stay behind the camera while she, and everyone else I have the pleasure of photographing, poses in front. So when my cousin was coming down to San Diego for a belated birthday weekend and brunch, I offered the best present I know: perfect Instagram material! (That’s only kind of a joke…)

So happy birthday Ellie! May you enjoy each and every day as you count down to 21!

Ellie 2015-7994Ellie 2015-7988 Ellie 2015-7992Ellie 2015-8020 Ellie 2015-8027Ellie 2015-8043Ellie 2015-8045 Ellie 2015-8049Ellie 2015-8051Ellie 2015-8054Ellie 2015-8064 Ellie 2015-8062Ellie 2015-8070Ellie 2015-8073Ellie 2015-7982 Ellie 2015-8101Ellie 2015-8109Ellie 2015-7927 Ellie 2015-7947Ellie 2015-8123Ellie 2015-8120

And then there was Ethel who wanted to join us…

Ellie 2015-8017 Ellie 2015-7967


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