In part one of this series, Mia and her horse Pickens were the stars. But after Pickens decided he was done being a model, we pulled out of Mia’s first ever horse. Leo is now owned by another woman at the barn which made it easy to do a portrait session of Mia all grown up and the horse she used to do the little bitty jumps on. Leo is a funny character. He used to be a racehorse, which is something most of us find hard to believe. Leo likes to go as    s l o w l y   as possible, all the time. And his version of being “wild” is a tiny hop in the air and then he breaks into what would be a normal canter for most horses. But this quirky personality is why everyone at the barn loves this gentle chestnut gelding.

Mia Sept 2015-7844Mia Sept 2015-7845Mia Sept 2015-7810 Mia Sept 2015-7821Mia Sept 2015-7825Mia Sept 2015-7826Mia Sept 2015-7835Mia Sept 2015-7730Mia Sept 2015-7748 Mia Sept 2015-7719Mia Sept 2015-7735Mia Sept 2015-7737Mia Sept 2015-7740 Mia Sept 2015-7743Mia Sept 2015-7749 Mia Sept 2015-7752Mia Sept 2015-7755Mia Sept 2015-7757Mia Sept 2015-7761Mia Sept 2015-7759Mia Sept 2015-7769Mia Sept 2015-7772Mia Sept 2015-7793 Mia Sept 2015-7799Mia Sept 2015-7802Mia Sept 2015-7803Mia Sept 2015-7801Mia Sept 2015-7788


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