It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with horses. I’m one of those people who never grew out the “I want a pony” phase of life. So it’s no surprise that one of my favorite subjects to photograph is people with their horses. There is something about the bond between humans and horses that is unparalleled. Example A: the beautiful Mia and her horses Pickens and Leo.

Part one of this blog post is all about Pickens – a small horse with a BIG personality. We spent much of the morning laughing as he refused to stand still or conveniently block Mia’s face with his own. He also decided to channel his inner racehorse and dance the whole walk back to the barn. But between his silly moments, we were able to capture some stunning shots.

Mia Sept 2015-7520Mia Sept 2015-7521Mia Sept 2015-7509Mia Sept 2015-7511 Mia Sept 2015-7518Mia Sept 2015-7535Mia Sept 2015-7537Mia Sept 2015-7539Mia Sept 2015-7544Mia Sept 2015-7549Mia Sept 2015-7563Mia Sept 2015-7567-2Mia Sept 2015-7571Mia Sept 2015-7583Mia Sept 2015-7591Mia Sept 2015-7615Mia Sept 2015-7617Mia Sept 2015-7621Mia Sept 2015-7619Mia Sept 2015-7627Mia Sept 2015-7637Mia Sept 2015-7643Mia Sept 2015-7659Mia Sept 2015-7665Mia Sept 2015-7669Mia Sept 2015-7671Mia Sept 2015-7675Mia Sept 2015-7689Mia Sept 2015-7495Mia Sept 2015-7500Mia Sept 2015-7481 Mia Sept 2015-7488Mia Sept 2015-7489Mia Sept 2015-7472


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