Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

My boyfriend and I extended the Labor Day Holiday weekend earlier this month and took a five day trip down to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We stayed at a gorgeous, all inclusive resort in Nuevo Vallarta – a 20 minute cab ride from the city center where resort after resort lines the beach.

Puerto Vallarta 2015-00013   Puerto Vallarta 2015-00014Puerto Vallarta 2015-00018   Puerto Vallarta 2015-00017

Each and every day went something like this: sleep in until 10 or 11am, claim lounge chairs by the pool, enjoy brunch and mimosas, lay out by the pool, jump into the refreshing water once it got too hot, float over to the swim-up bar, enjoy a piña colada, and call it a day once the daily thunder and lightning storms rolled in. Watching the lighting strike over the ocean was absolutely stunning and presented the perfect opportunity to shower and transition to the evening.

Puerto Vallarta 2015-00048   Puerto Vallarta 2015-00035

Two of the nights we simply hung out around the resort. One night we braved the storm and went to an “authentic” Mexican restaurant which ended up being a touristy trap – but a touristy trap with great guacamole and margaritas! And we had blast singing “Sweet Caroline” and “Margaritaville” with the mariachi band.

Puerto Vallarta 2015-00072   Puerto Vallarta 2015-00074Puerto Vallarta 2015-00079   Puerto Vallarta 2015-00081

Our final night in Mexico was a gift – dark clouds were threatening, but no actual rain drops allowed us to finally explore the cobblestoned streets of the historic old town of Puerto Vallarta. We watched street performers entertain gathering crowds, enjoyed a drink at a small little bar on the beach, and tried to find a restaurant that sadly ended up being closed. However, we ended up at a gorgeous restaurant right on the water that was one of the best meals of the trip! Our table was literally on the sand, the waves lapping up just a few yards away. We both kicked off our shoes and dug our toes into the sand while enjoying guacamole, ceviche, shrimp and potatoes, and fish tacos.

Puerto Vallarta 2015-00083   Puerto Vallarta 2015-00115Puerto Vallarta 2015-00089

Our flight home Monday wasn’t until the late afternoon, so we ended our trip with a three hour lunch at Sonora Prime Grill – a recommendation from Paul’s brother and sister-in-law. Our dinner the previous night was delicious and by far the best setting of the trip, however when it came to the food, we saved the best for last. The meal started with homemade chips, a hot bean dip, and an assortment of salsas. We munched on these while looking over the menu and finally decided on ordering three appetizers: a sea carpaccio consisting of tuna, swordfish, and octopus; a salmon tartar; and a beef tongue stew. We then ordered a bottle of champagne to sip on while we digested our first course. A little while later, we resumed our feast by ordering a grilled artichoke and jicama octopus tacos. Paul got a dessert – which came just in time for us to realize we needed to hustle out and make our flight. With so much amazing food to pick from and slowly relish, we lost track of time. We hustled to the airport, walked right onto the plane, and deemed our time in Mexico a success!

Puerto Vallarta 2015-00140  Puerto Vallarta 2015-00134Puerto Vallarta 2015-00135  Puerto Vallarta 2015-00137Puerto Vallarta 2015-00138  Puerto Vallarta 2015-00147


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