Travel Detour Part One: North Carolina

My plans to summer happily for three long months in Europe were sharply interrupted after just one week. Luckily, I am an eternal optimist and will attempt to turn lemons into a freaking ice cream sundae if I can. Screw the lemonade.

Insert the perfect opportunity: My grandmother’s birthday was coming up and she offered to buy me at ticket as her birthday present! I feel like I was offered a better deal, but who am I to refuse such a generous gift? And instead of her paying for a round trip ticket to Asheville, I asked if she would be willing to make the second leg of my journey a flight to NYC. She said yes!

So for the past week I have been getting a sneak peak into retirement which is such a tease considering I haven’t even officially entered to work force yet! (Can I please just fast forward past the 40 years of  9-5 clock punching?) We ate out at great restaurants, took scenic drives to lookout points and through parks, attended outdoor concerts, perused art galleries, shopped, went to the movies, went to the theater… the list goes on.

And as wonderful of a time as I had, there are few things that I just could not get over.

1. Every room of the house has photographic evidence of my awkward childhood. I kid you not. Every. Single. Room.

2. It is impossible to drive down a single road and not be presented with at least 4 fast food options. Eating healthy outside the house requires a series of in-depth searches because veggies are often covered in cheese sauce, fried, or simply used as a garnish.

3. Street signs are apparently not required. And if they are present, they are often part way down the block… or turned at an angle that you can’t read it until you’re halfway through the intersection… or in such small print you need binoculars. I recommend turning on your maps app.

Insta NC 2Insta NC 1 North Carolina-5615

North Carolina-5611  NC

North Carolina-5594 North Carolina-5596North Carolina-5603 North Carolina-5597

North Carolina-5605 North Carolina-5608 North Carolina-5607

North Carolina-5619 North Carolina-5626 North Carolina-5625


4 thoughts on “Travel Detour Part One: North Carolina

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  2. If I can impress any advice for you I will please say don’t ever waste time wanting to ” (Can I please just fast forward past the 40 years of 9-5 clock punching?)”. Please enjoy every moment and YES you have heard this before but I am thinking how many times I wished for fast forward and now if I would have just enjoyed every moment every thing and just relished in my youth and my growing up and old!!! I now do my best to try and enjoy every moment! Every Day! ❤

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