The day has finally arrived. A trip that only took me 24 days to complete has taken me almost 9 months to blog. Better late than never they say…

Amsterdam-2288So Amsterdam. Our final stop. The city of the red light district and marijuana cafes is actually full of a lot more than sex and weed. We got to see Anne Frank’s annex which was roomier than I imagined, but still no where anyone should ever be confined to. We cruised down the river and admired the detailed architecture. We devoured the famous French fries drenched in aioli. And we may have also visited a sex shop, sex museum, and walked through the red light district.

The final, final field trip: Holland. Where as Amsterdam is bumbling with the hustle and bustle of city life, Holland has windmills and small, family-owned cheese and clog factories sprinkled throughout its plains. We has a 6th generation clog maker demonstrate the craft of clog making and a cheese master explain to us the intricate process of creating various fine cheeses.

With heavy wooden clogs, we dragged our feet to our hotel rooms one last time to pack our bags and say our final goodbyes. The tears flowed as we said goodbye to people we had only known for a matter of weeks, but people we now considered family. How could you not? 50 people crammed on a bus trekking from one corner of Europe to the other? Those memories would have meant nothing if it wasn’t for the people. Exhausted as we all were, no one wanted it to end. Saying goodbye to our fellow travelers meant saying goodbye to the adventure, life on the road, walking city tours by day and clubs by night, only to sleep on the bus and do it all over again the next day in a new city. But goodbyes were said. Tears were shed. And our temporary family parted ways, back to the opposite sides of the world we called home.

And so there it is. 1 month of traveling and 9 months of photo editing, writing, and blogging has finally come to a close. What an adventure. Am I exhausted just thinking how little sleep I got over the course of those 4 weeks? Yes. Would I do it all over again? Absolutely.

Amsterdam-2286 Amsterdam-2265Amsterdam-2266 Amsterdam-2294Amsterdam-2287 Amsterdam-2274 Amsterdam-2271 Amsterdam-2272 Amsterdam-2277


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