Prague-4468I don’t think I have ever been as cold as I was when we stepped off the bus and embarked on a walking tour of Prague. I was not dressed in nearly enough layers, but luckily the beauty of the city distracted me from my frozen feet, fingers, and other body parts that I could no longer feel. Like many of the other cities, we quickly got a too-quick overview of the sites before heading to the hotel to change, eat, and see the nightlife.

Well the nightlife was insane. Shots of absinth were poured endlessly leading to a night only a percentage of the group can remember.

Luckily we were on the later shift for the cruise tour. From the warmth and shelter of a boat, we were able to feed our hangovers at an open buffet of greasy food while a lady with a thick accent rattled off various facts about the beautiful city. One of the most memorable things was that on top of a building there are multiple gold balls which hold the architectural plans of the city in case anything was to ever Prague-4527happen. Other fun facts: Prague has it’s own mini Eiffel Tower like Paris and Water Ways like Venice where movies like the Italian Job are actually filmed since Venice is so expensive.

We battled the cold once again to walk over the Charles Bridge and rub a famous statue’s shoe for good luck before exploring the Thai district. An unusually large population of Thai people live in Prague. And with Thai people come Thai massages and Thai food – two things that I absolutely adore. And with the many hours spent on a bus, a deep massage and a hot & spicy meal were exactly what I needed to end our Prague adventure.

Prague-4416  Prague-4419  Prague-4426Prague-4427  Prague-4420Prague-4436  Prague-4434Prague-4433  Prague-4441  Prague-4437Prague-4444  Prague-4445Prague-4447  Prague-4448Prague-4452  Prague-4456  Prague-4451Prague-4460  Prague-4462Prague-4463  Prague-4466  Prague-4465Prague-4541  Prague-4471Prague-4478  Prague-4493Prague-4480  Prague-4482Prague-4487  Prague-4488  Prague-4489Prague-4473  Prague-4472Prague-4491  Prague-4501  Prague-4515Prague-4503  Prague-4504Prague-4506  Prague-4510  Prague-4513Prague-4514  Prague-4517Prague-4519  Prague-4540  Prague-4530Prague-4534  Prague-4537Prague-4544  Prague-4542  Prague-4545


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