Mauthausen Concentration Camp

After the lovely town of Vienna, a town made up of charming winding roads, full of dazzling white horses, and bowls of hearty stew that actually chased the frost from your bones, we shifted gears. In Vienna we lived the high life – enjoying operas, ballets, and gourmet meals in government buildings. Our next stop made us appreciate that experience a whole lot more.

On the way to Munich we made a quick stop. Although we only stepped off the bus for a couple hours, those couple hours haunt me to this day. What sort of place could have this Mauthausen-4329kind of impact?

Mauthausen Concentration Camp.

When we arrived the wind whistled loudly, a light snow was falling, and all of us were putting on layer after layer – sweaters, scarves, and ear muffs. And as I zipped my coat up to the point where it covered my mouth I had the realization that prisoners of this camp never had the luxury of putting on a coat. And if I was chilled to the bone in my many layers, how frozen were those poor victims? Then to see pictures and know that they not only were lacking warm clothes, but the body fat to keep them warm… well it was a thought that gives me goose bumps whiles writing this post 6 months later.

Mauthausen-4403We watched a film that depicted the living conditions of the camp – the horrible conditions and working the prisoners to death was a fun game to the Nazis. There was a flight of stairs that from the bottom didn’t appear to have a summit. Nazi soldiers would force the weak and malnourished prisoners to carry huge, heavy rocks up the endless staircase, hoping that one would run out of strength, fall, and cause an avalanche of deaths as he took all the people on the stairs below down with him.

We walked through the gas chambers, sleeping barracks, and burial ground. We read stories of people who died and those who managed to hold on until the camp was liberated. We watched video biographies of nearby neighbors who realized what was happening and risked their lives by hiding Jews. The video footage was unreal – the amount of dead bodies I saw during the 5 minute video clip was scarring. The things that these people had to deal with on a daily basis… well the truth is I can’t even imagine it.

Mauthausen-4366The eeriest part was walking through the camp and knowing that you were standing where piles of dead bodies once were. You were in the concrete room where countless human beings were gassed to death. And you looked out the same iron-barred windows that terrified Jews peered through only a few decades ago.

I can’t explain what it’s like to see that terrible part of the human race’s history up close. It’s an experience that I wish everyone went through, but haunting memories I wish upon no one.

I only hope that we can all realize the horrible reality these concentration camps were and learn that history like this may never be repeated. These photographs won’t have the same impact on viewers as those of us who walked through Mauthausen Concentration Camp first-hand, but hopefully they artfully honor the countless victims who lost their lives and were permanently scarred by this horrible tragedy.

Mauthausen-4330   Mauthausen-4335

Mauthausen-4336   Mauthausen-4337

Mauthausen-4341   Mauthausen-4343

Mauthausen-4344   Mauthausen-4346

Mauthausen-4347   Mauthausen-4358

Mauthausen-4354   Mauthausen-4352

Mauthausen-4350   Mauthausen-4356

Mauthausen-4362   Mauthausen-4363

Mauthausen-4359   Mauthausen-4367

Mauthausen-4400   Mauthausen-4370

Mauthausen-4389   Mauthausen-4386

Mauthausen-4379   Mauthausen-4392

Mauthausen-4394   Mauthausen-4397

Mauthausen-4410   Mauthausen-4414

Next Stop: Munich


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