It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my European travels, but we will resume the adventure with my stop in Venice – an amazing city I had been to before but was very excited to return to.

Venice-4239Venice sits on the the largest lagoon in the Mediterranean and is made up of 118 islands connected by 465 bridges. Water-filled canals take the place of conventional roads which limits transportation to by boat or on foot since even bikes are forbidden. To get to this secluded paradise, a ferry ride is required. But once there you can hop on a Gondola, a long boat typical of Venice, to maze through the thin alleys (although your gondolier most likely won’t sing for you like they do in the movies). But the real way to see the city is wandering on foot through the countless tiny alleys and over the many bridges.

Venice-4289   Venice-4255   Venice-4268

Our first stop was St. Mark’s Square. Most people are only familiar with St. Mark’s Basilica which is incredible because it doesn’t have a drop of paint decorating it. Instead all the decorations are made completely of mosaics. But the giant plaza also is home Doge Palace, the 1st ever public library, and Caffe Florian which is the oldest coffee shop in the world. A tour guide picked up our group and led us through the maze which is Venice, feeding us history and fun facts. We passed plenty of shops featuring the famous Venetian masks and learned that the masks with the beaks were originally exclusively for doctors, protecting them when treating patients with the plague.

Venice-4260After the tour was lunch, gelato, an incredible glass blowing demonstration, souvenir shopping, and a picture-taking extravaganza before the sun set and we headed to the biggest feast of our entire trip. A huge antipasto platter along with endless bottles of wine were on the table upon our arrival. That was replaced by a vegetable platter and then a risotto. Those were just the appetizers to prep us for the pasta fiasco about to occur. We were warned that it was going to be a lot of food, but I was still shocked when they brought out first carbonara, then gnocchi, and then pesto pasta. And these weren’t small servings – each plate could easily be it’s own meal! Everyone was so full that when the ice cream came out at the end, many people were barely able to get down a bite, let alone the whole thing.

With very full stomachs, we ended the Italy leg of our trip. And thanks to the severe food coma, everyone was able to pass out and get a good night’s sleep in preparation for the for the day of traveling to come.

Venice-4235   Venice-4250

Venice-4254   Venice-4256

Venice-4258   Venice-4263   Venice-4270

Venice-4264   Venice-4267

Venice-4276   Venice-4277

Venice-4281  IMG_2127  Venice-4272

Venice-4292   Venice-4298

Venice-4296  Venice-4295  Venice-4266

Venice-4283   Venice-4293

Venice-4302   Venice-4299

Venice-4304  Venice-4307  Venice-4308

Venice-4311   Venice-4312

Venice-4313  Venice-4318  Venice-4323

Venice-4320   Venice-4324

Venice-4325  Venice-4328  Venice-4310

Next Stop: Vienna


3 thoughts on “Venice

  1. Oh man. I was only able to make it to Pisa and Firenze. Would have been really cool to check this place out. The only image I have of it is in the boat scenes in Italian Job. Thanks for these pics. Makes your post more invigorating.

    • If you have the chance you should make it back to Italy because Venice is one of my favorite places with Rome trailing closely behind (feel free to check out my Rome post too). But I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures!!!

      • Rome huh? Might want to check that place out too. I will have a look at your Rome post and see what fun adventures you had there!

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