Rome wasn’t built in a day – but we only had one day to see it. Well, it was two nights and one day, but that still isn’t nearly enough time to explore one of Europe’s most beautiful cities! There was no time to waste and from the moment of our arrival, it was one site after another.

Night number one was a walking tour. With only only my iPhone in hand, I snapped away at the “wedding cake” building, Trevi Fountain, and Pantheon. We walked from one side of the city to the other, taking in as much as we could before escaping from the cold for a three course meal.

Rome-2063 Rome-2064 Rome-2066Rome-2068 Rome-2067 Rome-2069

As soon as the sun rose the following day we set out for one of our biggest days of exploring. The Colosseum and Roman Forum were up first. Then we tackled what felt like never-ending stairs to the top of the wedding cake for photos and a lunch stop. Once refueled, we were off to Vatican City – the smallest country in the world! It was in this tiny country we marveled over the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. The group decided to Rome-4161take a detour on the way to the Spanish Steps with a stop at the Crypt/Monk Museum. This could quite possibly be one of the creepiest places I’ve ever been. Everything was made out of real bones. The artwork was beautiful if you could get past that tiny detail. After being sufficiently weirded out, it was back to mainstream sites. The last bit of light illuminated the Spanish Steps for a few last photos.

With the sun down, we decided to find a place for dinner. And where better than directly in front of the Pantheon? A day in Rome of course wouldn’t be complete without gelato and if you’re only in Rome for a day you have to get the best. So we scoured for the best of the best – a famous little shop with every flavor in it’s own freezer with customized temperature (apparently that’s how you know it’s the good stuff). Tired, full, and happy we began our final walk through the city on the way to the hotel. Luckily that included a second pass by the Trevi Fountain and I had my change purse on me this time. I was finally able to throw a coin over my shoulder and make my wish! One coin tossed means you’ll return to Rome one day. I hope that’s not some old wives’ tale!

Rome-2083 Rome-2084 Rome-2085Rome-2094 Rome-2096Rome-2100 Rome-4066Rome-4054 Rome-4056 Rome-4046Rome-4068 Rome-4077 Rome-4080Rome-4091 Rome-4098Rome-4078 Rome-4104Rome-4083 Rome-4099Rome-4085 Rome-4088Rome-4109 Rome-4118Rome-4140 Rome-4136 Rome-4135Rome-4141 Rome-4144 Rome-4123Rome-4149 Rome-4145Rome-4152 Rome-4156Rome-4166 Rome-4169 Rome-4185Rome-4179 Rome-4189Rome-4227 Rome-4193Rome-4191 Rome-4213

Next Stop: Venice


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