Pisa and Florence

Pisa-3901If you have ever been to Pisa, you may have been warned that there is not much to see other than the famous leaning tower. On the way to Florence from the French Riviera, we made a 1 hour stop in Pisa. It was just enough time to take a few pictures, haggle with a man selling mini towers as souvenirs, and realize there really was nothing else to do.

Pisa-3892  Pisa-3907

Soon enough we were in Florence. After settling in to our hotel for a brief moment we were shuttled off to the Tuscan hills for an authentic Italian dinner: prosciutto with melon, bruschetta, pasta, more pasta, and even more pasta! With very full stomachs we continued our night at a club called Space Disco. Contrary to the awful name, the club was actually quite fun. People got too drunk and embarrassed themselves while attempting to sing karaoke, but everyone had an overall good time dancing the night away.

The next day was a big one: A few hours after falling asleep we were up, ready to tour yet another city. A local guide took us all over Florence. We went into the city hall where the original David statue used to stand, walked across the Ponte Vecchio, and climbed the Duomo. After it was off to Leonardo’s for a leather demonstration and shopping. I purchased a puzzle ring, an Italian ring designed for a Turkish king. The ring is made of four to six bands that intertwine and stay together when left on your finger, but as soon as you take it off, it falls apart and a special technique is required to put it back together. This king gave each of his three wives a puzzle ring without telling them it would fall apart if they chose to take it off to cheat on him. When he returned from war, the women claiming their rings had broke were discovered to be unfaithful.

All of this was accomplished before 2pm when we piled back on the bus to spend the second half of the day in Rome!

Florence-3943 Florence-3925Florence-3945 Florence-3949Florence-3953 Florence-3960 Florence-3964Florence-3962 Florence-3969 Florence-3935Florence-3975 Florence-3971 Florence-3995Florence-3991 Florence-3996Florence-3978 Florence-3982Florence-4000 Florence-4002Florence-4003 Florence-4016Florence-4028 Florence-4031 Florence-4043Florence-4038 Florence-4019

Next Stop: Rome


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