The French Riviera

The bus ride from Barcelona was the bus ride of death. Everyone had a big night out which meant an awful morning and following day – not ideal conditions for 50+ people crammed on a bus together for an eight hour drive. Night had fallen by the time we reached Nice, France and after a quick dinner and shower, it was time to finally retire to an actual bed instead of a bus seat.

Nice-2011Things quickly turned around when we woke up to sunshine and warmth, two things many of us hadn’t experienced since arriving in Europe. After a few minutes of zig-zagging through the side roads, we hit the coast. The feeling of the sun’s rays was lovely and many of us were more than happy to just stand with our toes in the sand for an unknown amount of time, silently taking in the beauty of the sea and letting the calm of the waves lapping against the shore wash over us.

We walked along the sand, following the shore for as long as possible until we arrived at Le Château de Nice. Up the hill we climbed and from the top I was able to take stunning photos of Nice, the docks, and even some old church ruins.

Nice-2003 Nice-2004Nice-2021 Nice-2025

Monaco-2057As the sun set, it was off to a French Perfumery for a tour and to see how all the perfumes and soaps are created. But it wasn’t the perfume that impressed me, it was the incredible phases of the sunset I was able to capture as the bus weaved along the mountainside on the way the perfumery. Plus after the tour, the perfumery was all lit up with the final moments of sunset behind it.

Nice-2030 Nice-2033Nice-2037 Nice-2038

The last part of a perfect day in the French Riviera: Monaco, one of the smallest countries in the world, second only to Vatican City. We ate a 4 course meal. Wine was paired with each course and the extravagant meal was set mere meters from the prince’s palace. The evening wrapped up at the one and only Monte-Carlo Casino. Some came out ahead while others weren’t as lucky, but we all had a great evening drinking overpriced cocktails in the grand, gold-ceiling rooms.

Monaco-2042 Monaco-2043Monaco-2049 Monaco-2053

Next Stop: Pisa and Florence


One thought on “The French Riviera

  1. I much prefer the trains to the buses – but sometimes bus is faster and it is great for the Contiki trips!

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