Lyon-1931The long drive from Lucerne to Barcelona required an overnight pit-stop. And where better to stop than Lyon, France – the gastronomical capital of the world?! Although it’s the second largest city in France, it’s not the most touristy of places. The biggest attraction was a museum of miniatures and real movie sets & props. We got to see so many things: the actual Harry Potter wand, an original Wonka Bar, the V for Vendetta mask, mini movie sets, random miniature models, and so much more.

Lyon-1935 Lyon-1938 Lyon-1939Lyon-1941 Lyon-1942 Lyon-1944Lyon-1946 Lyon-1947 Lyon-1948Lyon-1949 Lyon-1950 Lyon-1951Lyon-1956 Lyon-1959 Lyon-1957Lyon-1960 Lyon-1961 Lyon-1962Lyon-1963 Lyon-1964 Lyon-1965Lyon-1966 Lyon-1967 Lyon-1968Lyon-1969 Lyon-1970 Lyon-1971Lyon-1973 Lyon-1974 Lyon-1975

After marveling at all the minis and even meeting one of the artists, it was time for dinner. We found a place that was so local, there was not a single person who spoke English. We almost gave up and were about to leave in search for a restaurant with an English-speaking server when it was discovered that the bartender spoke a tiny big of Spanish. Between his awful Spanish and my not quite as awful Spanish, we were able to order an array of French dishes – a lentil appetizer, a liver appetizer, salads, sausages galore, a fish dish, and plenty of dessert. After licking my crème brulèe dish clean, we retired to the hotel and into a food coma.

Next Stop: Barcelona


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