My 24 day Contiki bus tour took off from London, the city where people drive on the wrong side of the road, call sweaters “jumpers,” and refer to anything fancy as “posh.” Because London only served as a meeting point, I was stuck on the wrong side of the road for a mere day. But because my tour of 53 people consists of 50 people from Australia or New Zealand plus a British tour guide, the funny vocabulary continues to follow me. And because I am one of the two Americans, I’ve picked up on some foreign phrases in an attempt to blend in. I find myself calling college “uni,” shopping for “jumpers,” “getting on well” with my fellow travelers, and being “quite keen” for the upcoming adventures.

We only had a matter of hours to explore London as part of the tour, so I’m going to finally publish my photos from my previous trip to London over a month ago.

London-3529 London-3530 London-3531London-3533 London-3534London-3539 London-3537London-3555 London-3541London-3569 London-3559 London-3561London-3562 London-3566London-3568 London-3570London-3572 London-3574London-3596 London-3603London-3607 London-3629 London-3612London-3616 London-3622London-3627 London-3633London-3624 London-3640 London-3643London-3645 London-3637London-3648 London-3650London-3651 London-3639London-3662 London-3667London-3685 London-3682London-3687 London-3688 London-3714London-3695 London-3704

Next Stop: Paris


8 thoughts on “London

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  2. Gosh, you packed a lot in to your visit to our capital. Which did you prefer, Paris or London??

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