Toledo: The Town That Took My Breath Away

Have you had a moment in your life when you feel like your breath and any ability to speak has been sucked out of your chest? You refuse to blink because if you close your eyes for even the slightest moment, the beauty before you might have just been a dream. That’s how I felt when I walked into Catedral Primada Santa María de Toledo, the 3rd oldest cathedral in the world and located in the historic town of Toledo.


There was a guided tour I was supposed to be listening to, but the world tuned out as I walked around like someone who had just been let out of a windowless room for the first time in their life. I wandered so slowly that I might as well have been standing still. But mesmerized by the architecture and intricate detail of every square inch of the place, my motor skills seemed to have vanished. The only thing left functional were my eyes which tried to absorb every detail but failed miserably. It didn’t matter how long I stared at my surroundings, new details kept on coming to light and another wave of awe washed over me.

It eventually occurred to me that I should be using the camera I barely still had gripped in my right hand. I knew it’d be impossible to capture the true magnificence of what lay before me, but I also knew that I needed to have a little souvenir to take home or else this experience would slowly slide into the back of my subconscious, never to be fished out again. And with that sudden realization, I started snapping away.


Toledo-84   Toledo-71   Toledo-77

Toledo-151   Toledo-107

Toledo-114   Toledo-105   Toledo-124

Toledo-138   Toledo-106

Toledo-122   Toledo-135   Toledo-109

Toledo-81   Toledo-91

Toledo-111   Toledo-116   Toledo-117

Toledo-95   Toledo-142

Toledo-143   Toledo-123   Toledo-153

Toledo-127   Toledo-145

Toledo-120   Toledo-158   Toledo-144

Toledo-150   Toledo-115


The Catedral Primada Santa María de Toledo wasn’t the only sight to see in Toledo, but after such a striking first impression, the rest of the town seemed almost ordinary. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that the rest of the architecture, streets, and places of worship captivated so little of my interest. I am living in Madrid, Spain. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world and I was in such sever aftershock that I wasn’t able to appreciate that simply walking down the street here provides breathtaking views. Luckily I had the sense to put my camera to good use. These photos allow me to relive each step and appreciate every brick in the beautiful town of Toledo (including the original stones from a Roman road!).

Toledo-2   Toledo-12

Toledo-3   Toledo-58   Toledo-4

Toledo-22   Toledo-23

Toledo-25   Toledo-83

Toledo-69   Toledo-31   Toledo-26

Toledo-17   Toledo-10

Toledo-11   Toledo-21

Toledo-14   Toledo-32   Toledo-52

Toledo-27   Toledo-19

Toledo-82   Toledo-36



12 thoughts on “Toledo: The Town That Took My Breath Away

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  2. Architecture like this blows me away. Especially the fact that people built these cathedrals hundreds of years ago. Even the grandest architectural projects of today aren’t half as awe inspiring. I wonder why?

    • I know… It’s incredibly impressive to see the grand structures civilizations would put hundreds of years into.

  3. Hi, i can tell that you are a good photographer.. i love your pictures. i just wonder if you could tell me the type of camera you use for these pictures!! Thanks!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my photos.
      As for cameras… All of these photos are shot with a Nikon D200. It’s a good camera… I’ve had it for years and it’s gotten the job done. But if you’re in the market for a new camera, I’d recommend purchasing a Canon. I shoot Canon’s 7D and 50D for the company I work for and LOVE them. The 50D is an older model, I’m sure you can find a more recent prosumer camera. But that’s my recommendation. If you have any other questions, let me know!

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