Asheville, North Carolina

Working two jobs all summer has left me sleep deprived and cranky. Thank you Grandma for being my savior – this wonderful woman flew me out to see her for a long weekend.

Asheville, North Carolina is the home to more trees than I’ve ever seen in one place at a time, plenty of southern fried food, and scenic roads that wind through the expansive countryside. It’s also where my grandparents reside during the summer.

Originally a small pioneering town, Asheville has managed to retain its historic charm while now offering everything the modern American could possibly need. The streets of downtown Asheville are filled with endless restaurant options, art galleries, and shops… all tucked into historic architecture that takes your breath away. Local bars look like they are pulled from an old fashioned movie and even the court houses are gorgeous.

I always look forward to the change of scenery Asheville offers, but I think the thing I appreciated most about my trip was the fact that she let me sleep 9-10 hours every night. Then after letting me lounge in the mornings, she took me to see plays, eat delicious food, and showered me with gifts every afternoon. The most memorable conversation was over lunch. After ordering pizza and iced tea, the conversation steered toward aging. My grandmother announces, “You know when I was young, I said I would never get heavy and I’d never have saggy tits, but you know it just happens” and shrugs. My grandfather doesn’t even look up from his copy of The New Yorker and calmly says, “The word is breasts” to which my grandmother refutes, “Nah. I like tits. It’s more graphic!” I love that woman more than words can express. If I’m as cool of a grandmother as she is, I’ll be more than happy.

The rest of the trip was full of many other laughs and with my grandpa in tow we went out for many other meals including a sushi and sake lunch. As a final gift, he bought me some fabulous new Steve Madden heels. The weekend flew by and I was soon packing up my gifts, hopping on a plane, and I have now returned to work and reality.



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