Bolivia Part 2: Lake Titicaca

Bolivia12-1323After leaving Sorata (read Part 1 of my Bolivia trip here), the second leg brought the group to the shore of the beautiful Lake Titicaca which stretches into Peru. While the seemingly endless lake provided magnificent scenery (the photo on the right was taken from my hotel window), we were far away from the rest of civilization. And when I say far away, I don’t mean San Diego to LA… I’m talking about 5 hour trips into villages on unpaved roads carved into the side of a mountain. It was a daily internal battle whether to take a nap and dream of paved 21-lane-wide freeways or hold my breath throughout the terrifying ride to take photographs. Since my title on the trip was the official photographer, I spent much of the trip holding my breath. It was definitely worth it though… check out the photographs below.


Most of the trip was spent visiting the projects, but we did get to go see 2 Inca ruins sites. The first one was located on an island. The boat ride to get there was gorgeous and the when we finally reached the ruins that were perched on the top of the small mountain, I was speechless.

Bolivia12-1351Bolivia12-1341 Bolivia12-1382Bolivia12-1385 Bolivia12-1436Bolivia12-1402 Bolivia12-1399Bolivia12-1407 Bolivia12-1398Bolivia12-1412Bolivia12-1390 Bolivia12-1388 Bolivia12-1405Bolivia12-1394 Bolivia12-1401Bolivia12-1429 Bolivia12-1433

The next Inca ruins site we went to a few days later was just as stunning. The amount of infrastructure these people were able to create still remains a mystery. The intricacy and precision of their designs was just as impressive as their ability to transport these huge stones from hundreds of miles away.

Bolivia12-1536-2 Bolivia12-1554Bolivia12-1541 Bolivia12-1549Bolivia12-1551 Bolivia12-1540

When we weren’t being tourists, our time was spent visiting the native Bolivian people whose lives have been transformed by the QBL projects. From The Gregorian Weavers to the community members from the most rural villages, it was the welcoming people that we constantly spent time with that made the trip unforgettable.

Bolivia12-1460 Bolivia12-1461Bolivia12-1466 Bolivia12-1470 Bolivia12-1473Bolivia12-1483 Bolivia12-1490Bolivia12-1492 Bolivia12-1356 Bolivia12-1568 Bolivia12-1575Bolivia12-1591 Bolivia12-1357Bolivia12-1498 Bolivia12-1595 Bolivia12-1597Bolivia12-1603 Bolivia12-1600Bolivia12-1607 Bolivia12-1625Bolivia12-1618 Bolivia12-1634Bolivia12-1641Bolivia12-1646 Bolivia12-1656Bolivia12-1668 Bolivia12-1672 Bolivia12-1675Bolivia12-1696 Bolivia12-1711Bolivia12-1692 Bolivia12-1703Bolivia12-1677 Bolivia12-1678 Bolivia12-1681Bolivia12-1687 Bolivia12-1662Bolivia12-1726 Bolivia12-1727 Bolivia12-1728Bolivia12-1729 Bolivia12-1731Bolivia12-1740 Bolivia12-1736Bolivia12-1751 Bolivia12-1768Bolivia12-1786 Bolivia12-1741Bolivia12-1770 Bolivia12-1795Bolivia12-1793 Bolivia12-1739 Bolivia12-1742


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