Preparing To Enter Bolivia: An Unfamiliar World

To say there are a few differences between the United States and Bolivia is an understatement. For those who have never heard of this country (I hadn’t until I met the founders of QBL), Bolivian villages sit high in the mountains east of Peru and Chile. Baby’s bottles are often filled with soda and few families own toothbrushes or even know the importance of basic hygiene. Quaker Bolivia Link is changing things, one faucet installation and one greenhouse at a time. Before a family is allowed to receive running water, they are given tooth brushes and are educated about nutrition and hygiene.

On Friday at 5am I depart for two weeks into an unfamiliar world. I have the opportunity to photograph this beautiful country that is slowly but surly changing for the better. As I take in an environment unlike my own, I hope to accurately and artistically capture the people and culture so when I return home my family and friends can relive the experience. That’s the beauty of a great photograph; it transports the viewer into the frame.

The amount of internet access available throughout the trip is uncertain to say the least, so I’m not sure if you’ll be able to follow along as I trek through the mountains from village to village. However, I will be updating my blog with tales and photographs as often as possible so keep checking back!


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