I Always Get the Butterflies.

ALWAYS! Before every photography job I’m hired to do I psych myself out. I should have done more research, looked at more photos for inspiration and examples, anything to better prepare myself. I am flooded with reminders that I have never taken a class, am mostly self-taught, and am still pretty much a kid. These are the thoughts going through my head as I have my client in the passenger seat of my car on the way to the park where I’ll be taking her headshots and having her model the jewelry she makes. I’m simultaneously trying to connect with her so she feels like she can relax once in front of the camera while telling the hamster wheel of negative thoughts to stop running.

However as soon as I get started and step behind the lens, my mind completely quiets. As everything starts falling into place, I am reminded why I enjoy photography and that I always manage to capture at least a couple incredible photographs. Being self-taught and never having taken a class isn’t a bad thing because it has always just made sense to me. And sure, I’m only 19 years old, but I started getting hired and selling photographs at the ripe age of 15… a 4 year career is definitely enough time to make lots of mistakes and learn a lot. And although I’m confident in my abilities the moment I raise the camera to my eye, I’m wise enough to know that I don’t know everything… that I have a lot more learning experiences in the near future.

But with that, I present you with some photographs of the incredibly talented jewelry artist Kathleen Connor.

KC-0422  KC-0590  KC-0565KC-0660  KC-0527KC-0506  KC-0459  KC-0648KC-0438  KC-0587  KC-0455KC-0646  KC-0482  KC-0663


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