Seeing the Silver Lining

I am an optimist. End of story.
It’s not a choice I made at some point in my life to always see the silver lining, but part of the hard drive I was born with. Eternal optimism may sound wonderful; Seeing the world in such a positive light is inspiring and makes every day memorable. But it’s definitely not easy to spin everything in order to see the bright side.

Let’s be honest: there are some days I want to throw myself a pity party. I look at my life: the mountain with no peak, and all I can see is that my mountain is lacking a top and surrounded by dark rain clouds. The never-ending uphill battle is exhausting, even if there is nothing life-altering I’m currently dealing with, the tasks of daily life manage to add up in a way that contradicts any arithmetic I’ve ever learned in school. And as I’m now hauling a backpack I can barely carry, I am surrounded by the thought that there is never going to be a point in my life where I can say, “I’ve made it. I’m never going to have to do anything difficult ever again.”

But that’s OK. It’s in those moments, when it seems I’m wasting my time hiking away with my back aching, that I sit down, take a deep breath, and look around. And that’s when I see the view: all the things I’ve accomplished. I’m not sure why it sometimes seems more Above%20cloudsdifficult to stop, rest, and simply look in a different direction. And no matter how many times I learn that it’s worth it to take a break, breaking my momentum and creating change is difficult. But when I do decide to stop and turn around, that’s when I see how far I’ve already made it, that I’m already above a layer of clouds. And from this height, I can see the silver lining.


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