Charleston, SC Part 3: Folly Beach

Plantation-2387Another beautiful South Carolina days had us cruising the short drive to the beach. My 17 year old brother and I are pretty typical in the sense that we bicker regularly. I’m teasing him when my mom, who is stuck in between us in the back seat of the car, turns to me and chimes in, “Wow, are you PMSing or something?” My 10 year old brother curiously asks what PMSing is. “Well,” I respond, “you know how girls deal with their girl stuff once a month? Right before that we go through a phase where we are really moody and eat lots of chocolate and stuff like that.” My grandfather is chuckling in the driver’s seat and decides to join the conversation by asking my littlest brother how long he thinks this “phase” lasts. He instantly responds, “Oh! A longgg time!”

Plantation-2389Plantation-2388The whole car erupts in laughter at his quick and  confident response as we pull in to Folly Beach. The one main road has tourist shops with souvenirs and little outdoor restaurants lining either side. The funny t-shirts outside the shops lure us in to search for some souvenirs of our own. While my scrawny brother claims the Don’t Need a Permit for These Guns shirt, I collect funny shot glasses. Souvenirs in hand, we wander down to the beach to finish my vacation soaking up the sun.

Plantation-2379   Plantation-2382   Plantation-2386


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