Charleston, SC Part 2: Downtown

Plantation-8718 Plantation-8720 Plantation-8723

Plantation-8725Plantation-8724The trip continued with a tour of the town. Downtown Charleston is gorgeous and full of old, beautiful architecture. Brick alley ways lead you to upstairs stores and restaurants. Charming shutters frame every window. Large, crumbling blocks of cement that are over 100 years old adorn the sidewalks because they are illegal to remove. Horse carriages clip-clop through the streets full of tourists eager to soak in the history. Aromas from every type of food float into the streets. And as my mom and I shopped, wandered, and took pictures, I stumbled upon my future house.


Dear Future Husband,

I know this a lot to ask, but this is our house. I’ve never house shopped before, but I’ve watched a lot of reality TV and when people walk into the house that is perfect for them, the just know. I didn’t even walk into this house, but I had that feeling. Hubby, it is absolutely perfect. It is a light lavender. I know, a bit feminine. But look at the garden! Of course we will have to hire a gardener because the only thing I can keep alive is a cactus, but that’s a minor detail. And the icing on the cake is that is right on the water. I can’t wait to move in and raise our family there. Well, as soon I meet you that is.

Your Future Wife


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