Photography Excursion: Coronado Island

Coronado is a prime photography destination. On one side of the island is a spectacular view of Downtown San Diego’s skyline which gave me the opportunity to try night photography for the first time.

Coronado-8333   Coronado-8367

Coronado-8353   Coronado-8332

Coronado-8371   Coronado-8341


The other great photography destination on Coronado is the Hotel Del. With over 120 years of history, the iconic red-shingled roof has been visited by countless celebrities, US presidents, and European royalty. And what Victorian resort would be complete without a resident ghost? Kate Morgan checked into the resort on November 24, 1892, and never checked out. Reports of ghostly happenings, all thought to be connected to the death of this beautiful young woman, have been circulating at The Del ever since. Unfortunately, I didn’t run into Ms. Morgan. However, I was able to take some cool photos of the hotel and the beach it sits on.

Coronado-8375   Coronado-8393

Coronado-8382   Coronado-8397

Coronado-8410   Coronado-8415


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