Enormously Insignificant

oceanhorizon08I am very thankful for a lot of things in my life, but living by the ocean is high on the list. I can sit for hours just staring at the vastness of the water.  The fact that there are species I have never heard of and some that have yet to be discovered just under the surface of the water is humbling. It confirms that the only thing I know is that I know absolutely nothing. I love to just close my eyes and let the energy of the waves wash over me, pulling me in and releasing me, reminding me that this world is a big and powerful place that has been kind enough to let me walk upon it. I love gazing at the endless sky and wondering what is beyond this little bubble I live in.

insignificantIt puzzles me how anyone could think that they are the center of the universe when just sitting and observing such an enormous piece of nature confirms that you are enormously insignificant. The idea that Earth was the center of the universe was abolished long ago which eliminates the idea that the universe is revolving around any single person. You are one person, on one planet, in one star system, in 1 galaxy. You are nothing. I am nothing. We are just all an extremely small part of something bigger, much much bigger. And for some reason, knowing that is very comforting.


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